We only use all natural ingredients for our treats. Each ingredientis thoroughly researched before we include them. Here is a list of some of our not-so-common ingredients and what they can do for your pup*!!!




COCONUT OIL:  I consider coconut oil the super hero of treat ingredients. I mean, what doesn't it do? Considered an essential fat, coconut oil is amazing to give to your pup. It clears up skin allergies, helps with itching, treats yeast and fungal infections, improves digestion, builds strong bones, promotes brain function, disinfects cuts, and helps keep your pups coat healthy and smooth. We use coconut oil in our Allie Biscuits and PB Galaxy Bites!

FRESH GINGER:  Fresh ginger is an amazing booster for your dog. It helps with nausea, reduces bloat, relieves arthritis, helps fight cancer, and even helps prevent heartworm! We only use fresh ginger that we grate into our Dino-Bites!

PARSLEY:  Parsley is known for helping freshen up your pups breath, but that's not all that it does! It actually helps detoxify your pups body and it has anti-inflammatory properties. We have a healthy dose of this lovely herb in our Allie Biscuits!

TURMERIC:  Turmeric is one of my favorite spices to include in my pup's diet! It helps eliminate ear infections, fights parasites, speeds wound healing time, prevents cataracts, fights cancer, promotes digestive health, improves liver function, eases gas, and lowers the risk of heart disease. Honestly, what does this spice NOT do? Your pup will enjoy this wonderful spice in our PB Galaxy Bites!



*Just like humans, every pup is made differently. Always check with your vet if you have questions about your pup's diet! Some dogs are more sensitive to some ingredients than others! Please do your research before feeding your pup!!