Julie has always had a love for baking. For years she worked in a professional baking environment making treats for humans and occasionally creating a healthy treat for Allie at home. Allie is a rescue from Richmond Animal Care and Control, and it was love at first sight. Julie knew that Allie had to come home with her, and now they're two peas in a pod. Full of energy, and huge smiles every day.  As a firm believe of only doing what truly makes you happy, Julie decided to combine her two loves in life (baking and Allie) and make them the focus of her every day life. That's when Allie Bones came to be. 

Allie has a sensitive tummy... and a bunch of her friends have other aches and pains that most dogs can have. So we decided that making just dog treats wasn't enough and now we make each of them with their own special ingredient that's healthy for your pooch. We use no unhealthy fillers and no wheat products at all. We have something for every dog, and if you don't see something for yours... let us know!! We love hearing requests and feedback.